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SkeeRide 2 Fasteners (Original+Polar)

SkeeRide 2 Fasteners (Original+Polar)

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This is a complete fastener kit for the SkeeRide 2 and it comes with a lot more than just fasteners! We include all the screws, nuts, smooth rod, threaded rod, rod ends, springs, track pins, and ball studs required to build your new SkeeRide 2 with many extras included. All screws are stainless steel as the nature of a snowmobile means that it will likely come into contact with moisture. Most of the included screws are cylinder head but we also include some round head screws for the parts of the design that require those. 

Our kits come with the pieces required to build either the original Skidoo inspired version of the SkeeRide 2 or if you would prefer you can also build the Polaris inspired version the Skeeride 2 Polar.

A complete list of what is required for the build can be found in the SkeeRide Assembly  .pdf guide.

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