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TPU Track Set and Pins for Skeeride 1

TPU Track Set and Pins for Skeeride 1

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Complete set of flexible TPU tracks for Skeeride 1 3D Printable RC Snowmobile with steel pins for easy assembly. Skeeride 1 requires 38 pieces of track for a complete sled, 19 double paddle and 19 single paddle, but we include two extra track pieces and pins just in case. The track pieces are 3D Printed out of black 95A TPU so they are flexible and durable. The pins are made from 1.75mm stainless steel rod 62mm long.

Because these track pieces are 3D Printed with TPU there will be minor imperfections but they will not affect performance.

When installing a TPU track I highly recommend printing a new set of rear skid rollers from the mods files that include teeth as the flexible track will be more likely to twist and slide off the skid. Options include "flarnpalarn-rear-roller-tpu-track", "millikart-mod-ryan-rear-roller", "Siemenator_reare_sprocket" and others.

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