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Tarmo5 Fasteners

Tarmo5 Fasteners

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This is a complete set of fasteners for the Tarmo5 including many extra screws and nuts just-in-case. Aside from the usual screws and nuts this kit also includes 3 - 350mm lengths of M3 threaded rod for fastening the chassis pieces, 18 - 6mm steel ball bearings for the rear CV joints, and a stop collar with 5mm ID and 11mm OD for the pinion gear.

All m3 and m4 screws and bolts are made with 304 stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance. Heads on most screws are cylinder head with hexagon sockets however there are a couple of hexagon head screws included for use as wheel axles. 

A complete listing of which screws are included and where they should go can be found here. We also include extra screws just in case.

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