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10BL120 - Hobbywing 120A Sensored Brushless ESC

10BL120 - Hobbywing 120A Sensored Brushless ESC

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Hobbywing Sensored Brushless  20A ESC (electronic speed controller) for RC hobby enthusiasts model number 10BL120. This ESC works well for sensored brushless RC motor applications and pairs well with our Surpass Hobby Rocket V3 13.5T Brushless Sensored motors. This motor and ESC combination is perfect for the Skeeride 1 RC Snowmobile and the MkUltra performance racing buggy. This ESC can also be paired with a non-sensored motor such as the FlashHobby D3542 for the Tarmo series of cars.

The motor and ESC will require some minor soldering of connections on your model.

Model: QUICRUN-10BL 120-SENSORED (10BL120)
Brand: Hobbywing
Motor Type Supported: Sensored Brushless Motor
Battery: 2-3S Lipo
Size: 43x36x33mm (with fan)
Weight: 105g (including wires)
Package Weight: 180g

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