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HSP Aluminum Shock Absorbers - Upgraded Version

HSP Aluminum Shock Absorbers - Upgraded Version

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These RC shock absorbers are made of high quality aluminum alloy material which is wear-resistant, anti-rust, solid and durable. These are used as replacement parts for HSP 1/10 sports cars, off-road cars, and monster trucks and work great for many 3D printed RC vehicles. This listing is for 1 shock absorber so you can choose for yourself how many you need depending on your build and add them to your cart.

These shock absorbers can be oil filled with different weight oils to adjust the damping effect. These shocks have been upgraded with better seals that the original versions so they are less likely to leak oil.

These normally only include a ball swivel at one end of the shock but we include an extra ball with 3mm aperture for the shock absorbers so you don't have to source one yourself. 

Part numbers
100mm - HSP188004 (upgraded from HSP108004)
90mm - HSP166004 (upgraded from HSP106004)
60mm - HSP122004  (upgraded from HSP102004)

Material: Metal, Aluminum
Color: Grey
Hole to Hole Length: 60, 90, 100mm
Ball hole aperture: 3mm
Max Diameter (collar): 17mm
Weight: 11-19g each
Quantity: 1 per package

Model design build specifications:
3DSets Rancher: 4@80/90mm
3DSets Landy: 4@80/90mm
3DSets Bamboo: 4@80/90mm
3DSets Buggy: 4@80/90mm
3DSets Max Team: 4@70mm
3DSets Max 4x4: 4@90mm
3DSets Jumbo Trailer: 4@70mm
3DSets Wolf Trailer: 2@70mm
Skeeride 1: 3@80mm, 1@55mm
Skeeride 2: 2@90mm, 1@80mm, 1@70mm
MkUltra: 2@80mm, 2@90mm
Robak 2: 4@100mm
Tarmo4: 4@80mm
Tarmo5: 4@80mm

Please note in some instances shocks may require standoffs, shims, modified design files, spring modification, oil adjustment or ball grinding to fit perfectly. Please do your research and ask if you have questions.

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