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Digital Mini Blue LED Voltage Display Module

Digital Mini Blue LED Voltage Display Module

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Digital Mini Blue LED Voltage Display Module for RC Projects. 3-wire voltmeter works with DC Voltages from 0-100V. Voltmeter display can be powered directly from the battery by soldering the red and yellow wires together (4-30V) or ideally from the receiver for a higher display range and switched on/off (0-100V). Please review the wiring diagram. 

This display can be used for many projects but is the perfect addition to your SkeeRide 2 build as it is sized properly for the default design files. 

Measuring range: DC0-100V
LED Display Color: Blue
Operating voltage: 4-40V (with reverse connection protection)
Test accuracy: ±1% >10V error positive and negative 0.2V <10V positive and negative 0.03V
Input impedance: >50KΩ
Working current: <30mA
Refresh rate: ~100mS
Display Specifications: Three 0.36LED digital tubes
Lead length: ~15cm
Product Dimensions: ~33x15x10mm
Display Dimensions: 23x15mm
Operating temperature -10 to +65 °C
Working humidity: 10-80%
Working pressure 80-106kPa

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