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Built-in Spring Shock Absorbers

Built-in Spring Shock Absorbers

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Hole to Hole Length

Black Built-in Spring Shock Absorbers. Instead of using springs on the outside these feature an internal spring pushing down on the piston giving the dampening effect.

CNC machined aluminum shock body.
Easy load shock seal assembly.
Originally designed for 1/10 RC Cars, works great for Skeeride 2.
80 and 90mm shocks come with soft/medium/hard springs to choose from.
63 and 73mm shocks come with only 1 set of springs.
Shocks are oil adjustable but do not come oil filled.

Material: Aluminum and plastic
Ball fixing hole aperture: 3mm
Shock body diameter: 10mm
Hole to hole length: 63, 73, 80, 90mm
End to end length: 72, 82, 90, 80mm

Model design build specifications:
3DSets Rancher: 4@80/90mm
3DSets Landy: 4@80/90mm
3DSets Bamboo: 4@80/90mm
3DSets Buggy: 4@80/90mm
3DSets Max Team: 4@70mm
3DSets Max 4x4: 4@90mm
3DSets Jumbo Trailer: 4@70mm
3DSets Wolf Trailer: 2@70mm
Skeeride 1: 3@80mm, 1@55mm
Skeeride 2: 2@90mm, 1@80mm, 1@70mm
MkUltra: 2@80mm, 2@90mm
Robak 2: 4@100mm
Tarmo4: 4@80mm
Tarmo5: 4@80mm

Please note in some instances shocks may require standoffs, shims, modified design files, spring modification, oil adjustment or ball grinding to fit perfectly. Please do your research and ask if you have questions. 

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