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540 Brushed Motor + 60A ESC Combo Kit

540 Brushed Motor + 60A ESC Combo Kit

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Motor Speed

Get a 540 brushed motor and 60A ESC (electronic speed controller) perfect for your 3D printed RC project. This is a complete motor and ESC set so no need to match an appropriate ESC. Combo supports a 2S or 3S LIPO battery or 4-9S NiMh battery.

We currently carry two motor speed ratings:

27T - ideal for 3Dsets Rancher, Landy and similar projects
35T - ideal for OpenRC F1 car and similar projects

(T stands for turns. More turns = more wire. More wire= more resistance. More resistance = slower motor. The lower the T number the higher the power.)

Brand name: Surpass Hobby
Color: Black
Size: 540
Turns: 27T (17800 RPM), 35T (13500 RPM)
Screw hole: 4 * M3
Input voltage: 2-3s Lipo, 4-9S NiMh
Diameter: 36mm
Length: 53mm
Length of extend shaft: 12mm
Shaft diameter: 3.175mm
Motor weight: Approx 165-170g
ESC weight: Approx 38g
Combined weight in box:  Approx 260g

Please note:

  • The 27T combo kit comes with wire leads but it requires some minor soldering to attach the leads to the terminals on the motor. The ESC comes with a Tamiya plug and if an alternate plug is preferred you will also need to solder on a new one.
  • The 35T combo kit comes with wire leads pre-soldered onto the motor terminals and an updated XT60 connector which is a much more popular connector.
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