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4 LED RC Light Kit - 2 white 2 red

4 LED RC Light Kit - 2 white 2 red

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Very simple 4 LED Light Kit for RC Projects. Includes two 5mm white LED lights for headlights and two 3mm red LED lights for brake lights. Easily installs into many RC projects such as skeeride, 3D Sets Models, openrc tractor (remove brake lights).

Powered simply by plugging into any channel in your radio receiver, no programming or light board required. Lights come with metal lampshade for installation into some RC models but is generally not required for our 3D Printed Projects.

White light (front), red light (tail)
Inline DIP resistor
1 / 4W color ring resistance
200Ω, 4.3Ω
Voltage: 3-7V
Connector: JR
Length: 70cm
2 LED Set: 2 LED Headlights (Without Lampshade)
4 LED Set:
2x white 5mm LED
2x red 3mm LED
With Metal lampshade


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