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4 Driveshaft Set (w/bearings) for MkUltra

4 Driveshaft Set (w/bearings) for MkUltra

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These are metal adjustable CVD driveshafts for the MkUltra 3D Printable RC Car. Without modification they can be adjustable from 110-120mm to fit many RC Vehicles.

Update 2022-09-20: We now also include 4 6700 2RS bearings which will be required when building the car with these axles.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ADJUSTABLE DRIVESHAFTS WILL NEED TO BE MODIFIED SLIGHTLY TO FIT THE REAR END OF THE CAR. This is because even though they are adjustable they will not quite adjust to a small enough length to fit. The required modifications are very simple to shorten them further but they will need to be cut to length and then a new flat part filed onto the bar to catch the grub screws.


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