OpenRC F1 Build Guide

OpenRC F1 Build Guide

There are many build guides available online for the OpenRC F1 car. Obviously we recommend ours first but below it we'll also list some of the other popular guides you can find online. Also, below we'll list all of the materials you need to build the project, the best places to find them, and where to find .stl files for the main build and some of the add-ons we think you should consider.

<<Check out our review of the OpenRC F1 Car here>>

Other build guides. If you're not getting what you need from our build guide video above you can check out some of these other guides that we think are pretty good as well:

3d Printed Parts. The original designer of the OpenRC F1 Car Daniel Noree has released the files freely online. The 2015 files are required for the build and are the most popular but you can also find styling updates for 2017, 2018 and 2019 online if you would like. Find them all here:

Hardware and electronics. If you're looking for hardware for your own 3D printed OpenRC F1 car be sure to check out the kits in our store. 

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You need to buy a controller separately.


I am does your build kit come with a controller or do I need to buy that separately?

Tevin Torkelson

Thank you for the build guides! Daniel’s website isn’t working for me anymore, so your build guide and documentation is such a huge help! I appreciate it! Cheers!

David Ellis

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