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Speed Tank Fasteners

Speed Tank Fasteners

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This is a complete fastener kit for the 3D Printable RC Tank by designer Andre Klaus aka Staind on Thingiverse.

Fastener kits come with all the screws, nuts, and washers required to build the tank according to our Speed Tank Fastener List and comes with the additional screws required to build with the 540 motors OR the X2212 motors as well as adding the cover or gopro mount. We also include about 10% extra hardware components just-in-case. Our Fastener kits includes the following hardware:

12 - m3x8 stainless steel cylinder head screw
5 - m3x20 stainless steel cylinder head screw
24 - m4x10 stainless steel cylinder head screw
26 - m4x20 stainless steel cylinder head screw
100 - m3x45 stainless steel cylinder head screw (partial threading)
2 - m4x40 stainless steel cylinder head screw (partial threading)
15 - m4x50 stainless steel cylinder head screw (partial threading)
6 - m3 stainless steel hex nut
50 - m4 stainless steel hex nut
105 - m3 stainless steel lock nut
28 - m4 stainless steel lock nut
4 - m5 stainless steel lock nut

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