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OpenRC F1 Fasteners

OpenRC F1 Fasteners

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This package comes with all fasteners required to build the OpenRC F1 car as determined by the designer of the car. We also include a few extra screws and nuts just-in-case. All hardware is 304 stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance. Sockets on all screws including countersunk and button head screws are hexagonal (hex).

This package for building an OpenRC F1 Car includes the following M3 hardware:

23 - M3 Nuts (M6M DIN 934 M3 Nut)
31 - M3x8 Countersunk Screws (MF6S FZB M3X8)
1   - M3x10 Countersunk Screw (MF6S FZB M3X10)
3   - M3x12 Countersunk Screw (MF6S FZB M3X12)
3   - M3X8 Pan Head Screw (HSC FZB M3X8)

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