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3DSets Rancher Fasteners

3DSets Rancher Fasteners

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This is a complete fastener kit for the 3DSets Rancher 3D printed Jeep RC vehicle. This kit includes all of the fasteners to build any version of the 3DSets Rancher that you would like including: 

  • Model 1: Rancher 4x4 
  • Model 2: Rancher 4x4 Hardtop
  • Model 6: Rancher 4x4 Wagon

Kits include all necessary fasteners and or bearings for the model according to the designers build guide. Our kits come with the extra screws required to build the belt or geared transmission and whichever Rancher wheelset option you prefer.

Each fastener kit contains over 700 metric fastener parts with some extras for every type of screw required. The M2 screws in our 3DSets RC kits are black class 12.9 steel as they are used mostly for the attachment of body parts and they blend well with the design. All m3 screws which are used mostly for the chassis and suspension are 304 stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance. Sockets on all screws including button head (round/pan), countersunk and socket (cylindrical) screws are hexagonal.

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